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How long is the commitment when signing up for service?

Written by Crystal Gonzalez
Updated 3 days ago

No long term commitment required for our services; however, Lawfecta has two methods of serving you.

  1. Flex Retainers allow you to use the time as you need it and replenish when your business demands it. You will be billed for the hours your Team Member works on your project or task whether that is for 5 hours a week or 40 hours a month. When you deposit a Flex Retainer, your balance is available for up to sixty (60) days for work to be performed against.
  2. Subscription Retainers guarantee the availability of a dedicated Team Member. You pay a drastically reduced monthly payment without the burden of payroll, benefits, and other legal issues. Best of all, you are adding a Team Member to grow your practice and add different areas of law to expand your business offerings. Subscription Retainers require a 3 month minimum commitment. 
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