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Why can’t I sign up online right away?

Written by Crystal Gonzalez
Updated 5 months ago

We’ll let you into a little secret here - many of our competitors take shortcuts. Their software will randomly assign you one of 100s of remote workers registered on their system to save them the “hassle” of actually getting to know you and your business.

You sign up in a few seconds and there you go. You have a new ‘matched’ remote worker to assist you. Their instant access model might save you a tiny bit of time today, but many clients have regretted taking this shortcut further on down the line. They didn’t get to work with someone they could truly rely on, so simply continued doing most tasks themselves instead.

We’re on a mission to help you build an amazing long-term relationship with a super smart individual (not a task robot) who will add a lot of value to you and your business, hopefully for many years to come. Call us old-fashioned, but we want to understand exactly who you are, what you need help with and check we’re the right service for you.

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