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How do Flex Retainers work?

Written by Crystal Gonzalez
Updated 3 days ago

Flex Retainers allow you to receive assistance from your Team Member as you need it and replenish time when your business demands it. This was designed to enable flexibility to request your Team Member assist with tasks and projects out of a set schedule or on an emergency basis. You have a retainer deposit balance of time allowance that you will be billed against as your Team Member performs work. Decide when and how long you need assistance for, with no long-term commitments. Simply deposit a retainer anytime you need additional assistance. After you deposit a Flex Retainer, it is available for up to sixty (60) days from the date of payment for work to be performed against. 

For instance, if you have deposited a 10 hour retainer and your business requests a Team Member for 6 hours of collaboration on a project, you will have a balance of 4 available hours left to use for up to 60 days from the date of deposit. 

We require a minimum deposit of 5 hours to start Flex Retainer services with Lawfecta. To engage your Team Member in both virtual Paralegal and virtual Legal Secretary services, you will need to deposit the minimum of 5 hours per service (e.g. 5 hours to start Paralegal services, and 5 hours to start Legal Secretary services.). We do not combine retainers for separate services. Use our online integrated module to easily assign work and track billable time for each service.

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