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What kind of data security can I expect?

Written by Crystal Gonzalez
Updated 3 days ago

All Lawfecta staff have signed a general confidentiality agreement about not sharing information or intellectual property. Additionally, all Team Members go through cybersecurity awareness training which educates them on malware and social threats, password policies and best practices, web protection and what to avoid, as well as email protection. Also, our billing and project management platform has bank grade security.

Your data is protected by firewalls and it strictly has a limited authorization access to look at it by the account administrator, if needed. Lawfecta has an active monitoring of infrastructure to ensure consistent and reliable performance and availability, and is actively strengthening security of data.

In addition, take advantage of cloud technologies and save information and files on cloud-based platforms like Dropbox (https://lawfecta.com/Dropbox) or Google Drive (https://lawfecta.com/GSuite - get 20% off of your first year of service).

This means that nothing will get lost, and your sensitive information is not stored on a personal computer.

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